The Bumps Circuit Race 35+3/4

Red Kite Bump 2015The Bumps Circuit Race
Field: 35+3/4
Field Size: 16
Result: 7th Place Overall, 3rd Place Cat4

There was no avoiding the rain at the Bumps. I waffled on whether to race many times throughout the day. I figured it was only an hour circuit race, not a 3 hour road race. I showed up to the race 10 minutes before the start, dressing on the drive. I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up a day after a 60 mile road race, with a pretty tough course.

My legs took at least a lap to warm up. Being a Cat 3/4 race, there were more tactics than I’m used to as a 4. One of the San Jose guys’ role was to hammer up Patterson Pass after Flynn each lap. This stretch has been pretty tame when I’ve raced Wente RR. Not in the bumps. I barely made it up Patterson each lap. I seemed to go backwards when climbing The Bump.

The real racing started near the end of the 2nd of 3 laps. A gap opened up near the top of Patterson Pass. I was pinched in on the centerline due to the crosswind. The guys gapping didn’t move over fast enough. After a small chase, two of us made it back to the pack just before the turn on Cross at the bottom of The Bump. I barely made it up glued to the guy ahead. Once I was on the top, I noticed a huge gap. Three of us tried to catch on the climb up Cross. The first guy wouldn’t get out of the way. Once he did, the next guy up, the San Jose rider who was killing us up Patterson, closed the gap. I took over on the descent and pulled them slightly closer. They must’ve noticed us and picked up the pace. I lost confidence in our case after the moto passed. We were still able to see them up and over Greenville Hill. San Jose guy gave up after passing the Lab’s East Gate. I didn’t want to be caught because I counted 5 or 6 guys ahead. I TT’d to the end without being caught. I held on to 7th. I just didn’t have the strength for the bump.

Rich Beeler

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