Tempus Fugit Time Trial – 3rd (60+ category)

carl podium

carl tt

This is my week for 60+ events.  Today I did the itt on Cull Canyon Rd.  There were lots of categories but I was looking forward to seeing how I would do in my new age group.

I put my clip on aero bars on a few weeks ago to get into the tt mood while I was training.  Put my tt helmet on and some little shoe covers to get as streamlined as possible.  I decided to ride over to Cull Canyon from my house,  so I gave myself an hour forty five to get there.  Perfect timing as it turned out.

Started at 9:31 in light rain.  I was already wet  since it had been drizzling since Dublin Canyon.  Took the first two minutes easy and then started pumping harder.  I’ve never been very good at seated power while climbing,  so I was standing on the hills and went back to the bars when it leveled off.   Caught my one minute man at about mile 2 and my 3 minute at about mile 7.  No sign of 2 minute guy.  Tried not to waste energy going into tight turns on the return but pushed everywhere else.  There was a “4 miles to go” sign but no other marker I saw so when I hit the finish was a bit surprised.  I missed second by :01 so I wish I had sprinted.  Oh well.   Made the podium.  First and second didn’t show for the picture so it’s just me in photo.  Got a “bronze” medal (field was 14 riders) so I was happy about that.

6 days until another 60 open race for me at Turlock Lake.


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