Tempus Fugit Time Trial 35+ 3/4

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Tempus Fugit Time Trial

35+ 3/4: 7th

Decided to do my second TT of the year, this one organized by Red Kite Racing. Goal was to keep a steady effort without blowing up and try to improve my placing from Calaveras TT earlier this year. I signed up for the 35+ 3/4 category, which meant slightly tougher competition (compared to 35+ 4), although some of the same usual suspects were there, including two heavy-hitters from Revs Road Race team that recently upgraded to 3 and a guy from Topsport. Predictably, these guys finished 1, 2, and 4, respectively. I carpooled with Rich and did a short warmup near the race course before getting to the line. Rich was the first to go in our category. Amazingly, one of the Revs guys came to the line a few seconds late and lost some time, although he finished 2nd anyway. The second Revs guy, and winner, came to the line 15 seconds before the start. Interesting strategy – I guess they wanted to be fully warmed up and ready to go. The first half was pretty tough, with a gradual, rolling climb (the race official said 800 feet, although Strava suggests much lower), where I kept my HR slightly above threshold, building up to about 8 beats above threshold at the turnaround point. After that, I kept my HR at 5 beats above threshold until the sprint finish. I think I could’ve pushed a little harder coming back but there were a few relatively tight turns and I didn’t want to take any risks. This was also my first time on the course. I ended up finishing 7th, with Rich finishing right behind me. Overall, it was a “fun”, short effort, and an improvement from my 11th place finish at Calaveras. One more race to go at Winters and I’m calling it a season.


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