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Cantua Creek – 10th Place, Master 35+ 4

Cantua Creek - 10th Place, Master 35+ 4

Cantua Road Race 35+ Cat 4 Field Teammates: Mark Klein, Rich Beeler, Carl Butler Finish: 10th Field Size: 32 Coming into this race, the plan was to have the team ride support for me. Mark was going to be my lead out while Rich and Carl were going to attack hard on the hill on […]

CANTUA ROAD RACE – 5th Place Cat 4

CANTUA ROAD RACE - 5th Place Cat 4

Race: Cantua Road Race Date: 2/18/12 Category: 35+ CAT 4 Distance: 2 laps Number of Riders: Approximately 40 Place: 5th, Herman Shum Tried to ride efficiently and stay sheltered throughout the entire race. I drafted pretty well and even soft pedaled through many parts. The race progressed with very little trouble. I stayed towards the […]

Cantua Creek Road Race

Cantua Creek Road Race

The race was fairly uneventful but with several predictable attacks from riders that I knew didn’t have the fitness to hold it. Early in the race, I had analyzed everyones style and I already knew how a lot of them ride. (Either because I’ve raced against them last year or I ride against them during our group rides.)