San Francisco Metromint Giro – Masters CAT 4 – 5th Place

Giro Mark 5th PlaceSan Francisco Metromint Giro
35+ Cat 4
Field Size – 48
Finished – 5th place
Teammates; Herman Shum, Sam Paik
The course is an “L” shaped course with railroad tracks and a small hill.  The back straight away is a slight down hill and the pavement is rough with many pot holes to enjoy.  It is near Levi’s Plaza just off the Embarcadero.  The race was 24 laps.
The plan for this race was to get Herman on the podium.  Sam was going to try and do as much work in the beginning of race as possible and I was going to keep Herman protected.  Throughout the race I was able to keep Herman in the top 15 until 5 laps to go.  There was a solo flyer off the front with a 30 second break.  I was feeling the field pick up and I didn’t think I had the legs left to keep Herman in a position to win so I  had him move up to stay in the top 10.
On the bell lap Herman was in the top 5-6 and I was sitting around the 18th place.  The solo break was still off the front of the group.  We hit the hill for the 24th time and the group slowed and I found myself passing several riders on the hill.  As we turned the corner down the back straight away the group was still slowing.  At that point I made the decision to jump off the front to stretch the field so Herman would have a chance for the win.  I found that last match to burn and I hit the final two turns by myself and was sprinting solo towards the finish.  With just a few yards to go I was caught by several riders as I crossed the finish in 5th place.  Herman finished 12th.  It was a great race but I wish my teammate would have been on the podium per the plan.

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