Community Outreach

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Shepherd’s Gate is a nonprofit on a mission to free women and children from the destructive cycles of homelessness, addiction and abuse. Shepherd’s Gate isn’t a shelter: it’s a safe haven. The 2 campuses, located in Livermore and Brentwood, provide long-term, comprehensive care. They strive to address the root causes of homelessness with education, counseling, medical care, recovery programs and bible studies, job training, parenting classes, and more. Since 1984, they have served over 11,000 women and children. The Northern California IC3 spoke supports Shepherd’s Gate yearly with a donation from our annual Criterion Race held the first Saturday of June each year where over 500 racers compete to win prizes. The race is called Dash for Cash.



Kids Against Hunger (KAH) is a 501(3)(C) nonprofit organization just like IC3 and relies on people giving.  KAH has been helping feed hungry children in places like Honduras, Haiti, and the Philippines since 1974.

In December, the Nor Cal IC3 Hammer Nutrition team decided to help fight hunger by making meals for children. We had over 30 people participate, ranging in age from 6 to 60. The evening started with everyone gathering in the lobby, signing in and putting on hair bonnets and aprons.

kah2After all of us were signed in, we watched a video that showed us how the meals were going to be distributed and how it would change so many young children’s lives in third world countries. After the video we were given instructions on how to pack meals. The meals are very basic and are made of a mixture of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamin powder. Before we started assembling the meals, we were given a sample. The sample was very mild with little flavor but loaded with vitamins and nutrients just right for the young children. By the end of the event, the IC3ers packed over 8,000 meals.

Little known facts about hungry kids:

-10 children die every minute from malnutrition & hunger
-14,400 children die daily from hunger-related causes
-840 million people are severely undernourished
-153 million of these are children under the age of 5
-54 nations currently do not produce enough food to feed their populations

It gives me a warm feeling to be part of a group who cares and whose members volunteer their time to support the less fortunate. Thanks to all of those who donated or participated (from Kevin Farrauto).



Valley Pregnancy Center started in 1988 as a way to offer a safe and caring place where women facing an unplanned, unexpected or crisis pregnancy could find confidential information about all of the options available to her.

Our goal was then and remains today to empower women, to help them understand they are not alone and need not feel rushed in making a decision. Her decision is not for others, but needs to reflect what she truly believes is best for her.

Through the years, we have made many changes and added services to more fully meet a woman’s needs. In 2004, we became a fully licensed medical clinic offering limited pregnancy-related services in addition to our on-going client care and resources.

We also have added client advocacy programs for the father of the baby and/or family members as needed.

“A very special thank you goes to the International Christian Cycling Club members, for painting the accent walls and adding warmth and color to our offices. We love the encouraging ways people are part of the VPC caring community that offers their gifts and talents in support of women, men and families we serve. Thank you guys, great job!”

Barbara Saba, CEO