Nevada City Dirt Classic mountain bike race

Report by: Allen House
Racers: myself and my son Braedon
Cat 3 old people (50-59) and juniors (6-14)
Results: Allen 1st, Braedon- pack
This was our second try at mtb racing. It was a fun course just east of Nevada City on the Pioneer and Dascombe trails. 7 mile loop, two laps for me one for Braedon, mix of fire road and single track, ~950 ft elevation each lap. Unfortunately this time my group started ahead of Braedon’s so I could not try to catch him ☺ one of the riders in my group said the downhill start was narrow and we should all be careful and not try to pass. I followed his advice and was almost immediately stuck behind a slow rider. The trail did not look nearly as bad as had been described and I started passing more and more riders. After a couple of miles we hit the bottom and turned. Then the climb back up started. That’s when I really started passing people. Thank goodness for the road bike fitness because when I hit the technical sections I lost time and had to reclaim it on the pitches. The final climb to the start was not too bad, I thought, but when I got to the top I was all alone. I pushed through the start gate for the final lap and this time hammered the downhill section. I could not see anyone from my group on the last lap but always had the feeling they would catch me in one of the technical sections. Stamina paid off and by the final climb I felt pretty good. My son also got stuck behind a slow rider at the start and with only one lap did not make up the ground. He had fun though and that was our goal. It was definitely a lot of fun and different from road racing.

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