John C. Schlesinger Memorial Circuit

3rd Place 45+ 1/2/3/4
We had a small field both. Both 34+ and 45+ raced together but score separately.

My fitness is about 88% so feeling good going into this 50 Min circuit race. The warm up was ok but never felt good during the race.

Two I made to mistakes that cost me the win..

  1. Know how many in your race and who is racing for which field 35+ or 45+?
  2. Sprint for the Win, do not get boxed in……

Race was hard from the gun about 15 riders. Attacks from the start, I worked to stay on but in the u turns lost position and three got away.  I wanted the guys to work but only a few would work and I know Kieth De Fiebre would not work as he sat in the back. I beat him at Copper and he kept telling me about that during the race.

What I did not realize is that the three that were away were all 35+, so I was racing for 1st in the 45+. I was upset and wanted to get a work out so I did much of the work never pulling the guys in but I did not care about 4th.

In the final sprint, I was sitting nice in forth place and I think I could of won, but with a little wind I stayed protected behind a big guy but when Keith went with Stay Van Horn of CorsTeah I was not in position was boxed in by the curb…..bad racing on my part sorry guys…..Marcus told me he could not understand how I could get boxed in with an open road.


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