Dunnigan Hill RR Report [“I Now Own a Folding-Bi​ke!”]

Dunnigan Road Race
Category:  Masters 45+4
Field: 50
Distance: 46 miles
Finished: DNF
This was my first race in 53 weeks. I didn’t have the  fitness I am used to earlier this season, so I waited until I could regain a  level of fitness with only 2-3 days/week of training. By June/July, I felt I was  ready.
It  was a very hot morning, so I stayed well hydrated. The field was lively and  animated as Body Concepts tried to get a couple riders OTF several times. The  shallow hills did not seem to be a problem at all. I even tested the legs once  just to rev them up. I felt great! With about 15 miles to go, on the flat straight section,  there was a crash behind me. I kept my eyes forward. With about 13 miles to go, there were a few riders in  front of me bumping into each other. I made a pro-active decision by moving  about 3-4 inches to my left to avoid any possible crash. Suddenly, another rider  from behind plows into my left-rear side and takes me down while another rider  competes a head-over-heels over me. I am thankful to God for sparing my  bones from injury (zero fractures). I am also thankful He created the person who  invented the bicycle helmet! I lost a good amount of skin on 3 out of 4 limbs  and bruised a few ribs. I can actually remember thinking to myself, “when am I  going to stop sliding!” The bike took the worse damage as the injuries resulted  in its casualty. A follow-vehicle took me back to the start area where I  received first-aide from the EMTs.
Needless to  say, I am bike-less. I have no idea how long it will take to save up for another  one. I could use your prayers!
Again, I thank GOD for sparing my  life, yet once again!
David A.  Douglas

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