Coppertown Circuit Race CAT 35+4 – 3rd Place

Herman Coopertown 3rd Place 2014Coppertown Circuit Race
Field: 35+ 4
Teammate: Mark Klein
Field Size: 36
Result: 3rd

The plan from the beginning was to stay in the top 10 throughout the race. I was going to follow Mark and keep an eye out for breaks. Mark did a great job of closing down the gaps formed by riders who tried to breakaway. He also kept me protected throughout the race. Sierra Nevada riders were aggressive launching several attacks, most of which were shutdown by Mark. I know one of them got frustrated that none of their attacks were working. We started the last lap in the top 5 and got through the town square safely. On the way out on the rollers, Sierra Nevada launched another attack and I got on his wheel. We had a gap on the field and we worked together for a little bit to see if we could make it stick. We got caught a little before the hairpin turnaround. After the hairpin turn, Mark was still near the front controlling things. I drifted back a little to recover from my earlier effort. At about 1K to go, the pace picked up and riders started swarming the front. I was about mid pack and trying to fight my way through. I managed to weave through and found some daylight. Two riders got a jump on me as I had to start my sprint later. At that point, I gave it my all and finished 3rd. Great teamwork and a good way to start the season.

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