Copper Town Circuit Race 45+ 1/2/3

allen2Copper Town
Feb 15th
45+ 123
Team: Allen, Duane, Darryl
90 min race
6th place

Goal was to keep one of us in all breaks that had the key teams in the break. Duane and Allen did a great job. I was able to move to the front and also be towards the back and could see that the Duane and Allen were sitting in top 5 in the pack..

Two guys were away for 20 mins Andrew, Anders. I bridged up with about 45 mins left in the race. The three of us worked hard I was at 90% but not going to get dropped. Then another joined us Joseph and I thought 5 to the line and win the sprint… but with 4 k to go it was like a tour. The peloton went crazy.. here is a race write up by one of the guys bridging. He ended up 7th. I head on for 6th…place

“Crazy cool Copper Town Circuit Race today. Last lap exploded into action with a select chase group driven by Craig Roemer and Dan Shore including David Albrecht, Jerome Nadel, Hussein Saffouri and myself trying to bridge across to a race long move. The field was left far behind as a dangerous break-away featuring Andrew Adelman, Darryl Smith, Anders Dellien and Joseph Staron looked destined to make it to the finish line. Craig Roemer and Dan Shore were simply fantastic in the chase and showed World Class strength and composure in the most desperate of moments. Those 2 did not miss a beat and the break was reeled in with just 300m to go! So awesome to have the legs and form to dig in extra deep when it was game on and make the group that got across and contested the win. So exciting and rewarding to be with the very best in crunch time… racers I respect and admire immensely. Racing at it’s best… 3rd year in a row for me having a good shot at getting the win in this classic race. Congratulations Jerome on the victory!”

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