Copper Town Circuit Race 35+ 4

Carl Butler
John Balon
Sam Paik
Rich Beeler
Dan Schaefer
Report by: Dan Schaefer

With 5 teams having 4+ riders our pre-race strategy was to cover the main breaks and stay near the front on the last lap at the turnaround. The race was fast, and then slow with a lot of bunching and crossing wheels. Through the town on the first lap most of our team were caught at the back and had to chase to get back on.The second lap featured a couple of stronger breaks with Rich chasing hard to close the gap and John making sure another didn’t get away. I jumped hard after a third that was swallowed up just as we entered the town.

On the final lap the paced quickened with teams positioning to line up. At the turn around I was about 8th wheel and feeling good.  The Revs Road Race guys had a six man train and began surging to the front. With less than 2k to go two guys leaned shoulders, locked bars and went down hard just behind.  While John squeezed through, Rich fishtailled sideways while managing to stay up, and Sam and Carl were delayed. Carl’s video coverage vividly portrays the carnage from the rear.

I found myself sitting on third wheel right behind the big(ger) Kovarus sprinter (race winner) as the Revs leadout stretched the field. With the sprint beginning to wind up with 200m to go, I felt a bump and then heard my rear wheel spokes shredding with the impact from a rider behind that dislodged my foot from the pedal but didn’t take me down. As the other racer careened through the center median, I locked my foot back in and sprinted for the line. John and I finished together in 9th and 8th respectively while the rest of the team and much of the field was delayed.

All in all a good learning experience to stay near the front even if it takes work, hold lines, don’t cross wheels, and expect the unexpected.


copper town

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