Copper Town Circuit Race – 1st Place CAT 5

Tim Copper Town finish 1st placeCopper Town TimTim Sanders
Category: Elite 5
Riders: 25
Finished: 1st Place
The goal, same as yesterday, don’t go too early and finished strong. This was the first race I had a long warm up and felt really good at the start line. We started at a much higher speed than in previous races but I stay well protected and did not have a problem with the pace. The first time through the U-turn a group of guys flew through it but backed off once around it. The next time through the U-turn I jumped ahead hoping to get a couple guys with me for a break away, no one went with me so I backed off and let the peloton catch me. The third time through the U-turn I was second wheel and we had a breakaway of three riders. I told the lead guy we were in a break away and to do a rotating pace line but he did not listen and just hammered it for 30 seconds and fell off, not wanting to try a 2 man break away I soft peddled and the peloton caught us. Then the fourth and last time through the U-turn was fast with everyone hammering out of the it. I stayed with the group and looked for the biggest guy I could to draft behind. When we hit the 2k sign everyone surged and I was in 10th position with guys in front and on both sides of me, with 1k to go we surged again and I was in 5th position, my heart rate was 20 bpm below max and I was excited with how well I was protected. I jumped on a new wheel at 200 meters then at 100 I went passed him and hammered it all the way to the finish, there was a guy on my right but never went passed my back tire. I finished excited to have won but also to accomplish my goal of not jumping too early!

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