Cool Mountain MTB race

Braedon Allen Cool Mtn selfieMarch 22, 2015

Team riders: my son Braedon and myself
Class: under 15 beginner and 50-59 beginner
place: 6th, 1st


What a great race! Very cool XC loop near Cool, CA just south of Auburn. 10 mile loop, one pass for beginners. It was very cool to race with my son for the first time. He was in the group starting just before mine so I got watch him start, then passed him on the way 😉 He had a chain drop in the first 1/2km, bummer, but still finished strong and had a good time. There was a pretty intense climb half way that put a lot of people off their bikes. Also at least one major wipeout on the biggest downhill. Guy must have bought it at speed. I felt very good and had major adrenaline at the start. I was in the same starting group as Chris Beratlis, a local downhiller. We traded lead back and forth between me out climbing him and him dusting me on the downhills. The course had a lot of small pitches though and in the end the “roadie” beat the downhiller and held off all the old guys for first and all but one of the next class down so a decent day. Very nice course, fire road and good single tracks. It was rolling in the foothills with  a couple of stream crossings and a very big mud hole at the end. If I did it again I would definitely reg as sport to get two laps.


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