Dash for Cash 45+ 3/4

25th Dash for Cash Race (June 4, 2016)
45+ 3/4
IC3 Riders:
Dan Schaefer – 2nd
Serge P – 4th

I was apprehensive in signing up for our own ChristianCycling.com Dash For Cash. I hadn’t raced since February due to chronic IT band syndrome. I don’t prefer crits – flat and crash-fests. I was nervous racing in front of our home crowd. And we were combined with the 55+ field with world, national and state champions racing. I also hate hot weather and my normal Tuesday Worlds group ride had been over 100 degrees on the ride and getting dropped on the climb. All these fears but I had to decide to top worrying and believe.

I signed up for the 3/4s since Serge was racing and it’s nice to work with  teammates. After an hour warmup, after helping setup in the morning,  I was ready to race.
We roiled away with a combine field of about 50. The race started with a bang as the Dash rewards primes on every lap. With a mix of fitness and bike skills, I was looking for good wheels to follow.

15 minutes in we catch the early break.  I see Joe Foster with Make A Wish stretch the peloton and decide to jump on his wheel. We immediately have a gap and begin to work together trading primes. Joe encourages me immensely through the break.

After four laps out front Larry Nolan (world camp) decides to pull Joe (55+) and me back. I immediately drift to the back and hear that 5 laps remain. I hang on trying to catch my breath and get my legs back. Two to go the pack quickens…

Around corner 4 on the way to the bell lap I hear Stefano yell “move up your too far back.”  I move to the inside and move up through turn 1 and 2. In the straightaway I see Larry Nolan moving forward with Davis (also 55+) sitting on his wheel. I jump behind. With the windup before corner 4 I take the inside behind my train. I see Joe Foster bounce off the curb on the outside with a crash behind. I hold my line but don’t have the legs to come around those ahead. I finish 5 in the field, 2nd in my age group with Serge just behind in 4th.

All in all a good day of racing and nice to reunite with old friends and meet a few more. Thanks for the support!


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