CCCX XC mountain bike race 45+ Cat 3

allen cccx

Race: CCCX XC mountain bike race finals
Racers: myself and my son Braedon
Cat 3 45+ and juniors 11-13
Results: Allen 2nd, Braedon- 6th

This was our 3rd mtb race this year. Really wanted to do the Fort Ord course and this weekend finally had a pass. This was the final race for season series points so the competition was stronger than our previous races. The weather was perfect with some overcast and ~63 deg. The juniors started first and the old folks were last. I did catch my son along the way though! The course was really fun. Some sand but not bad, mostly hard pack and almost all single track! We did 3x 4.5 mile loops with a couple longer climbs, one really fun rolling, berming, flowing downhill that was not too technical for a roadie đŸ˜‰ By the third lap I was chasing one of the guys from my group. His technique was a little better but my road legs were getting him on the climbs. I finally pushed past him on the last lap and it turned out we were racing for second. Glad I pushed it. There were some fast juniors that were fun to race with. Overall a very fun day. This will be it for my race season.

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