Cantua Creek – 10th Place, Master 35+ 4

Cantua Road Race
35+ Cat 4 Field
Teammates: Mark Klein, Rich Beeler, Carl Butler
Finish: 10th
Field Size: 32Cantua Creek Cat 4 2013

Coming into this race, the plan was to have the team ride support for me. Mark was going to be my lead out while Rich and Carl were going to attack hard on the hill on the last lap. This would push the pace, drop riders, and force others to respond. Throughout the race, we all communicated well and stayed safe and sheltered. Rich did a very good job by not crashing when a rider pushed into him. Rich leaned on the guy, just like Marcus showed us during camp. There were a few attempts at breaks, but all were short lived. As we approached the climb to the finish, Rich hit the front and strung out the field. Carl was behind him ready to take over. I followed Mark’s wheel and we were sitting near the front in good position. Unfortunately, there were two things that went wrong. The pace at the front was not hard or long enough (I take responsibility in not communicating it more clearly to Rich and Carl), and we caught another field while on the climb, which slowed the pace more. At that point, there was a counter attack by 7 riders up the right side. Mark and I were stuck on the left. I had to look for an opening and ride as hard as I could to catch up to the last rider of the attack group. By then, I was gassed. When it came time for the final sprint, it was too late and I had nothing left in my legs. A couple of other riders passed me right before the line. Although it was not the placing I hoped for, it was great to ride and work together as a team. Thanks Mark, Rich, and Carl for your efforts.

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