Meet the International Christian Cycling Club–A group of cycling enthusiasts dedicated to God, family, friendship & bike racing.

While you will find us as an active body amongst the race scene you will also find us fixing bikes at Shepherd’s Gate or gathering at various locations for dinner, fellowship and the study of God’s word.

Based out of Pleasanton California, this club is part of the larger national club based out of Colorado. We are the NorCal Spoke and would love to hear from you.

Our History

IC3 was founded in 1986 by Marlen Wells and a former pastor from Colorado, Ken Evans. They saw a real need for Christian testimony and fellowship during the World Cycling Championships at Colorado Springs. They put together a flyer, printed T-shirts, and hit the bike paths. Through friendships, evangelism and home meetings, the club grew to eighty members the first year. By ’95, the club blossomed to 900 riders in fourteen countries. Each local chapter or “spoke” hold to two tenets:

  1. To unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship.
  2. To expose each cyclist we encounter to the love and peace of Jesus Christ, so they may want to have a relationship with Him.

IC3 member involvement ranges from recreational riding to world class competition. The club has been blessed with many talented athletes committed to IC3’s ministry.

For more information about the other spokes around the country or for more information about the National Club go to www.christiancycling.com.