25th Annual Christian Cycling Dash for Cash

On June 4, 2016, we had our 25th Annual Dash for Cash criterium race in Pleasanton, CA. It was a fun day of racing in beautiful Californian weather.

Below are some comments made after the race:

“Thank you to everybody who volunteered his or her time. It was a huge organizational success. I think by now most people know the routine and it goes really smooth, with a limited effort.  I think it was as always a very fun day. Intense, but we are clearly blessed. A special thanks to those who came from out of town. It was fun also to meet new people, or old friends we had not seen in a while.  Of course, a special Thank You to those who have put special time and prepared all that goes into making such a big day a success. In particular, thank you Steve for the fantastic leadership”. – Stefano Schiaffino, Chief Corner Marshal

“I’m going to jump on this thread and give a big thanks to everyone for their help with this year’s Dash for Cash. While the number of racers was less than in previous years, the event was a huge success because it gave us the opportunity to gather as club and put on a quality event for the racing community. The Dash for Cash is always a great time to visit with club members who we don’t ride with regularly and provides incentive for those who have fallen off the back to rejoin the peloton and starting riding with us again. A big shout out to those who have devoted a ton of time to this year’s race. In no particular order:

Darryl Coon who’s set up and breakdown team performed flawlessly
Stefano Schiaffino’s coordination of corner workers kept everything moving
Sam Paik and Rich Beeler at registration, a most challenging behind the scenes job. Cool under fire, thanks for getting everything sorted out
Scott Schroeder for organizing and distributing prizes, always a tougher job that it appears!
Tania Smith for keeping everyone smiling at registration
Darry Smith for being an ad hoc race announcer and bigger than life character
Steve Moore and Mike Nissen for keeping everyone fed
Omar Kayoumy and Cory Bechtold for always being around to do whatever needed to be done

Thanks for everyone that came out on a hot Saturday to help out with the race. Only six months until we start planning for the 26th edition of the Dash for Cash! – Steve Chew, Race Director

“Another great day of racing.  You all put on a well organized fun race.  See you next year”. – Mike Charleton, race participant


More pictures from the race can be found at our Northern California Facebook Page.


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